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tv   U.N. Security Council Meeting on Iran Protests  CSPAN  January 8, 2018 2:09am-3:52am EST

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bridges, cities. so you see what is going on and automate that. your house will be like the jetsons. you will -- it will be automatically managed for you. all that requires a massive change in how you build networks. yet the cloud has to move into the network to make that work. i think about will come of age. the network will be valid again. in the devices will be everywhere, on you, in you, on your car, if a structure. we will see an increase in productivity. >> watch the communicators monday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span 2. >> on friday, the un security council held an emergency meeting to talk about the ongoing protests in iran. the meeting was held at the request of the united states. the haley spoke during the session, as did representatives --m russia, iran and russia
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this runs 40 minutes. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] 8152nd meeting of the security council is called to order. as this is the first formal meeting of the security council this year, i should like to extend my warm wishes on the occasion of the new year to all members of the security council, the united nations, and the secretariat. in presiding over this first formal meeting of the council in 2018, and happy to welcome the cote d'ivoire, the netherlands, and poland and look forward to their participation
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in the work of the council. their experience and wisdom will be important in the discharge of the council's responsibilities. i would take the opportunity to expose the gratitude to the outgoing members, namely egypt, italy, japan, senegal, ukraine, and uruguay, for their work to the council during their terms. i should also look to take this opportunity to pay tribute on behalf of the council to his excellency, the representative of japan, for his service to the council for the month of december 2017. i'm sure i speak for all members of the council in expressing deep appreciation to the
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ambassador and his team for the great skill that he helped with the council business decision last month. in accordance with rules 37 of the councils provisional rules of procedure, i invite the representative of iran to persistent rate -- to participate. it is so decided. in accordance with rule 39 of the council's provisional rules of procedure, i invite -- of the secretary general for political affairs to participate in the meeting. it is so decided. the security council will now begin its consideration of item 2 of their agenda. i give the floor to mr. --
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>> thank you, mr. president. as requested, i would like to brief the security council on ongoing developments in the islamic republic of iran and the agenda item on the situation in the middle east. as this is the first public meeting of the security council in 2018, i would like, on behalf of the department of political affairs, to congratulate the six new elected members of the council on the assumption of their important responsibilities. i also wish the security council a successful year. mr. president, the protests in the islamic republic of iran started on 28 december 2017 when hundreds of iranians gathered in a largely peaceful manner in
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the country's second-largest city, chanting slogans against hardship. over the following days protests occurred in other cities and urban areas, as well as many rural areas. some of the slogans also expressed disappointment at the or limited change in social -- at the slow or limited change in social sectors and political freedoms and criticized what demonstrators decried as a privileged position of the clergy and elements of the country security establishment. either cases, demonstrators demanded a costly involvement in the region. as the protests escalated, some turned violent.
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viceos posted on social media and footage broadcast by tv channels showed the beating of protesters as well as the burning of government offices, banks, and religious centers. according to reports carried by official iranian media, more than 20 iranians, including a teenage boy and a policeman, have died during the protests. iran's ministry of interior stated that over 1000 protesters have been detained. although they have since been released. with very limited presence on the ground, the secretariat cannot confirm or deny the authenticity of the images that have been broadcast or the extent of the violence.
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however, we have received reports that the police, rather than the military forces, where -- were responding to the protests. on january 3, iran's revolutionary guards announced the end of antigovernment protests. recent reports indicate smaller and scattered demonstrations. meanwhile, from the 3rd to the 5th of january, large rallies were reportedly held across the country with participants expressing support for the supreme leader and condemning violence. mr. president, members of the security council, on the first of december 2017, president
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rouhani told a cabinet meeting that the radiance should be allowed space to protest and criticize their government. at the same time he stressed violence will not be tolerated. two days later on 2 january supreme leader later accused his enemies -- secretary-general, accusing the united states of stepping up, "its acts of intervention in a grotesque way in iran's internal affairs and the text the and providing support." mr. president, the outbreak of violence and protest in iran has focused the attention to events in the country. a number of world leaders have expressed support for the iranian protesters.
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others, including the european union, have called on the iranian parties to expect the right to peaceful demonstration and freedom of opinion. yet more have supported the government of iran, calling protests an internal matter. on the 3rd of january, the secretary-general issued a statement, urging respectful rights to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression and that demonstrations take place in a peaceful manner. the organization of human rights called on the iranian authorities to handle the wave of protests that have taken place around the country with great care so as not to further inflame violence arrests and to investigate all deaths and serious injuries that have occurred so far.
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on the 5th of january, four united nations special reporters stated that the iranian authority should take immediate action to ensure all citizens can exercise peacefully the right to freedom of expression and assembly and to insure that these and other fundamental rights are not met with violence. mr. president, members of the council, as of today, the united nations development work in the islamic republic of iran has not been significantly affected by the recent events. the secretariat will continue to monitor development from the ground and engage iranian authorities with a view to contribute to efforts that
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were addressed on january 3, the legitimate concerns of the population through peaceful means, or distribution through peaceful protesters. >> thank you for your briefing. i now give the floor to those council members who wish to make statements. i give the floor to the representative of the united states. ambassador haley: happy new year to all the members of the security council and the general assembly. in the past week what has happened on the ground throughout the nation of iran is something the world must take note of. it is a spontaneous expression of fundamental human rights. the iranian people are rising up in over 79 locations throughout the country. it is a powerful exhibition of brave people who have become so fed up with their oppressive government that they are willing to risk their lives in protest. the world should applaud their
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courage. the voices of the iranian people should be heard. we have debated the proper role of human rights in the security council. some of our colleagues believe human rights no place here. they believe rights and fundamental freedoms are the business only of the governments that control them. the united states does not share that belief. human rights are not the gift of governments. they are the inalienable right of the people themselves. freedom and human dignity cannot be separated from peace and security when the rights of the -- from peace and security. when the rights of the people are denied the people rightly resist. if the concerns are not acknowledged, then peace and security are inevitably threatened. the case of syria provides a recent and horrible testament to this fact. and what is happening in the towns and cities across iran
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right now bears out this fundamental truth. the content of the regime for the rights of its people has been widely documented for many years. the people of iran have finally had enough. and they are showing it by taking to the streets. the iranian people understand the nature of their regime. they understand the lack of voice and their government has allowed the regime to ignore them. and it has allowed the regime to spread conflict and instability far and wide. if you listen to the slogans they chant in the street, this understanding comes through loud and clear. the united nation reports the iranian regime spends at least $6 billion every year propping up the murderous assad regime in syria. the people of iran know this. so they are telling the government, let go of syria, think of us. the iranian regime spends millions in militias in iraq each year. it gives millions more to the
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houthi rebels in yemen. including sending them a missiles to fire at other countries. meanwhile, the average iranian family is 15% poorer today than it was 10 years ago. the iranian people demand, think of us. it rewards construction contracts to corrupt guard corps, affiliated firms. they construct buildings that skimp on safety. thousands of these buildings collapsed during an earthquake. hundreds died. and the iranian people chant, think of us. today the people of iran are speaking of their government. and their messages undeniable -- stop the support for terrorism, stop giving billions of our money to killers and dictators, stop taking our wealth and
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spending it on foreign fighters. think of us. freedom-loving nations worldwide have spread support for the cause of the iranian people -- can the deck, norway, the united kingdom, israel, france, sweden, the european union. we honor and appreciate all of the statements of support. but we must do more. the iranian regime is attempting to cut down best to cut internet access in an attempt to silence communication of the protesters. -- we cannot allow that to happen. every member of the u.n. state's sovereign, but member states cannot use sovereignty as a shield when they categorically deny their people fundamental rights. i call all on -- of my colleagues daniel five the message -- and i call on the
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government of iran to stop censoring the voice of the people and restore the access to the internet because in the end the iranian people will determine their own destiny. let there be no doubt whatsoever, the united states stands unapologetically with those in iran who speak freedom for themselves. we will not be quite. no dishonest attempt to call the protesters up as a foreign powers will change that. the iranian people know the truth. and we know the truth. they are acting of their own will, on her own behalf, for their own future. nothing will stop americans from standing in solidarity with them. in 2009, the world stood by passively while the hoops of the iranian people work cut death crushedan people were by their government.
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once again the people of iran are rising up. they are asking something the -- something that no government can legitimately deny them. they are calling out, think of us. if the founding principles of this institution mean anything, we will not only hear their cry, we will finally answer it. the iranian regime is now on notice. the world will be watching what you do. thank you. >> i thank the representative of the united states for her statement. i now give the floor to the representative of france. >> president, i thank the assistant secretary-general for the specific briefing element he shared with us on recent events.
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we are keeping a close eye on the situation. i would like on behalf of france to share with you two main messages this afternoon. firstly, we have met together this afternoon on the situation in the middle east. and more specifically, on the question of it around -- of iran. and everyone knows within the security council there are several agenda items that allow us to discuss the various matters relating to the middle east security and peace in the region, whether that be the implementation of 2231 or actions pertaining to lebanon, syria, yemen. in this context, our role is to do all that we can to find a solution to the flashpoints in the crisis in the middle east.
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and it is that understanding that we must commit to fully upholding the nuclear agreement with iran. the joint comprehensive plan of .ction, the jcpoa we must also commit to fully promoting its implementation. this is the approach that enjoyed consensus to the council's meeting of last year. the said nuclear agreement concerns each and every one of us. hand is toter at ensure it is rigorously implemented. the agreement was one of the cornerstones of stability in the region and the middle east. to lose this hard-won ground would be a major setback not just for the region, but for the entire international community, and for the non-proliferation regime. and the consequences fallout might be very heavy. we almost must pursue a
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realistic and robust dialogue with iran to ensure it doesn't pose a risk of regional instability. we must engage in frank discussions with iran so that with tehran and we can address the concern pertaining to their ran influence in the middle east. and its role in regional crises, more specifically iraq, syria, yemen. in each of the aforementioned countries, we need to find the ways and means that will allow us to respond to attempts at external meddling and preventing extra meddling is how we came age our attempts at state lighting said countries by preventing said meddling. seclude solutions to the
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conflict in the middle east over the last few years. despite some deep divisions, this dialogue is essential for all of us. each and every one of us needs to engage in this dialogue. we are going to it open eyed and pursue dialogue tirelessly. my second point concerns the specific issue that has brought the council together today. i would like to express my alarm in light of the violence the recent protests in iran were met. it is essential to fundamental freedoms, such as the freedom of beliefnce, freedom of freedom of expression and , communication. iranian should be able to peacefully protest and how their voices openly heard.
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we must be watchful and be ensured that -- this is what president macron said to his iranian counterpart during their conversation on the 2nd of january. president, it is up to the iranians and the iranians alone to pursue the path of peaceful dialogue, a dialogue based on full respect for the fundamental rights of the iranian people. however, the events of the last two days, they do not constitute per se, the threat to international peace and security. we must react appropriately to what has been going on. in other words, we must ensure that we remain watchful and give proper vigilance to what is happening and to these peaceful protests. given the risk of violence and response of protesters but we must be wary about attempts to for personalcrisis
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ends, which would have an outcome diametrically opposed. the change will come from the iranian people themselves. it will come from the people themselves. the representative of france for their statement. i give the floor to the representative of bolivia. >> thank you very much, president. testimony, given that this is the first open meeting of the security council this month, i would like to once again congratulate the delegation on behalf of the delegation from state of bolivia. president, the bolivian delegation believes that the holding of the meeting this afternoon is not a good sign. it is not a welcome initiative and i make that point in the understanding that that has been the case in the past,
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we are witnessing a point attempt by some missions to bring to the attention of the security council issues that do not fall within the purview of this body. we categorically reject the undisguised attempt by some delegations to porsche for meetings on issues that do not represent threats to international peace and security. in so doing, they run the risk of the security council turning into a political tool to be exploited to each member's ends. it needs to be abundantly and crystal-clear to the international community that the situation in iran is not an issue that belongs on the agenda of the security council, and we are concerned to see that there are clumsy attempts to force his -- are clumsy attempts to force its inclusion on the security council agenda as part of the broader middle east agenda item. the position was made abundantly
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clear. this was condemned in the strongest possible terms any threat to interfere in the internal affairs that would be an affront to the right of the people of the republic of iran. we are convinced that as history has proven time and time again, unilateral action, political interventionalists um, and regime change only ever lead to devastating humanitarian social and economic consequences. and we have seen the repercussions of that still today, including in countries which are before the security council. on this particular occasion -- we echo what has been said movement which has reiterated its commitment to respecting the sovereignty and national youth and the territorial integrity of states, as well as upholding the sovereignty of states, and according to the principle of not interference in the internal , and the useates
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of force. finally, as a state, bolivia is convinced that any internal conflict of which any state around the world must be resolved in the framework of that own country's practices without any external meddling or interference. >> i thank the representative of bolivia for his statement. i welcomed the statement from the representative of kuwait. >> thank you, mr. president. it is a great pleasure for me as i speak for the first time in the security council to wish you a happy new year and to congratulate you on your presidency of the council, and i wish you every success. i would also like to congratulate to the newly elected members of the council,
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i wish them success in the upcoming years. now, i would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that we hope to work together and cooperate with you on all issues on the agenda of the council. the state of kuwait will work hard in compliance with the principles and purposes of the u.n. charter. -- charter to achieve the aspirations of the peoples of the entire world. we listened carefully to the statement -- and we appreciate the information he has provided for us and his efforts as well as the work of the staff members of the clinical affairs department. we took note of the letter of
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the 3rd of january of 2018 of the permanent representative of iran to the secretary-general of the united nations as well as the press statement made by the secretary-general on the 3rd of january in which he expressed his concerns regarding the loss of lives due to the demonstrations in iran. we have been following the event and we regret the loss of life among civilians members of the security forces as well as the various acts of violence that have occurred in iran over the past few days. we insist that is important to respect the right of expression and the rights of peaceful demonstrators in accordance with their constitution and the international covenant on political and civil rights.
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this guarantees the freedom of expression and the freedom of assembly, and it is important to respect these rights. the state of kuwait considers that it is important to engage in preventive diplomacy and strengthen the role of the security council in order to prevent conflict. and to budthe net crises in the before they did generate. of course, on the basis of the , thatples defined regulate relations between states and are founded on the charter of the you and, the 70 and noninterference in internal remit of thee
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areas bodies of the united nations, -- the various bodies of the united nations, the council is in charge of preserving international security and dealing with threats of security and stability in the world. years, there few have been several cases of demonstrations and popular movements which were peaceful that first but that became violent, which led to the loss of lives and damaged and external and foreign interference. some of these events led to disastrous results. the international community is still trying to draw lessons from these events. we hope that will not happen in
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iraq or any other -- in a run or any -- in iran or any other state. they are our neighbor, we have long-standing historic relations with iran and we are keen on maintaining the friendly relations, based on sovereignty and noninterference. we have asserted this in the framework of the gulf council, and the various islamic bodies that convene there. they wanted us to convey those concerns to you as well. the safety and security of iran is linked to the safety and security of the region as a whole and the world as a whole. this means restraint, demonstrators must show restraint so that there are no more victims. steps must be taken to avoid
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violence, thank you. >> i think the representative of kuwait for his statements. i give the floor to the representative of the united kingdom. >> thank you mr. president, welcome to the hot seat. a warm welcome to all the new members of the security council, we look forward to working closely with all tended to enhance security. the united kingdom is watching a in iran very closely, we regret the loss of life that has occurred during the protests, we called for an end to the violence and for the government of iran to comply with its international human rights obligations in dealing with these protests. there needs to be a meaningful debate about the legitimate and important issues that the protesters are raising. i note here that president rouhani has said that the protesters concerns are
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legitimate and that they have the right to peaceful protest. people should be able to exercise their rights to freedom of expression and demonstrate peacefully and lawfully, we encourage the iranian authorities to commit to this. no one is forcing iran onto our agenda. ? >> the security council is perfectly through article 34 of. charter. and i quote " to investigate any dispute or any situation which might lead to international friction or give rise to a dispute in order to determine whether the situation is likely to endanger the maintenance of international peace and security." the united kingdom's concerns about the human rights situation in iran extend beyond the recent treatment of protesters. the continued use of the death penalty, including for
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juveniles, weak rule of law restrictions on freedom of , expression and freedom of religion and belief, or all deeply worrying. we call iran to adhere to its international obligations to respect the right of individuals , to freedom of expression, opinion and peaceful assembly. we also urge iran to permit full the u.n. that investigator ken ss iran's actions on areas of concern. at the same time, it is important to recognize that iran has legitimate security interests in the region. iran suffered hugely in the iran-iraq war. we worked with ir. the iranian people are present -- represent an ancient and important civilization that has a rightful place in the modern world with a modern economy. but too often, iran's security interests are pursued in a way
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that destabilizes and at times directly threatens others, supports terrorism and distorts the iranian economy. these regional activities risk increasing international conflict and threaten international peace and security. we are deeply concerned by iranian assistance to groups in yemen, lebanon, security -- -- syria and iraq. this includes reported transfers of iranian ballistic missile parts and related technology to in full fees -- the houthis yemen. such transfers miley our resolution 2231 which prohibits authorization with the security council, they violate our resolution 2216. it prohibits the sale or transfer of arms to terrorist groups. the missile attack targeted civilian areas. had they landed as intended they , would have caused suffering and chaos.
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there are reports even today of a new launch, this is unacceptable. we call on all member states to implement un security council resolutions and prevent such attacks which increase regional tensions and threaten peace and security. the transfer of weapons to the houthis will also prolong the conflict in yemen and the suffering of the yemeni people. as i have said previously, it is essential that the year-end conduct after investigation and security council of the scope as soon as possible. we strongly support the secretary-general's call for a joint meeting of the committee . we also look forward to a report this month. mr. president, the united kingdom remains fully committed to the plan of action. it is one of the international community's greatest successes in recent memory. we welcome iran's compliance with its nuclear commitment, we encourage all member states to uphold their commitments to the iranian people can see that tangible benefits of this deal.
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to upholdcourage iran its commitments especially with respect to the provisions of annex b as highlighted in the secretary-general's fourth report stipulated by security council resolution 3221. -- 2231. iran continues to invest heavily in missile development, despite un's sanctions. saw launches of ballistic missiles in 2016, and 2017 network inconsistent with the resolution. we urge iran to refrain from such activity and ask all partners to report any evidence that iran is conducting activity inconsistent with resolution 2231 to the un security council. president,on, mr. let us not forget a prosperous stable iran, is beneficial to us all. in the region and beyond. we will continue to encourage iran to comply fully with the security council resolutions, to respect their citizens' human rights, and to reduce regional
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tensions. this is the only way to achieve peace and security that we all and never to achieve. thank you. >> thank you, the representative of the u. k. i give the floor to the representative of peru. peru: thank you, mr. president. this is our first statement since becoming a nonpermanent member of the security council. we would like to thank the delegation of kazakhstan for their presence here. as we come to the security council for our fifth time, i would like to remember an ambassador who represented peru in 1970-1974 in this hottie at that time. he said "my delegation will bring its small experience in the united nations, and will strive in full feeling -- fulfilling its mandate with conviction on the agenda in the spirit of making a calm contribution to dealing with
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them." intend to ask within the framework of the criteria set out in the spirit and the letter of the charter of the organization." we would like to reiterate these comments by that ambassador. peru would like to thank the secretary-general for the briefing regarding the situation in the islamic republic of iran -- the assistant secretary-general. first of all, we regret the loss of life and we would like to remind you all that the freedom of expression and assembly are inalienable rights. the iranian authorities are duty bound to protect any individual and guarantee their peaceful exercise of their rights and fundamental freedoms. from the point of view of international decent security, we would like to take this -- international peace and
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security, we would like to extend this opportunity and make three points. first of all, we believe the security council which is the main body for maintaining international peace and security , should always be able to contribute to preventing conflicts. this is in line with the charter of the united nations. the situation that iran is experiencing, iran is a particularly important country for stability in the middle east -- it could always escalate and become worse. similar situations in other countries in the region have had serious consequences recently. secondly, peru believes that to be credible, coherent and effective, the action of the security council should be based on the but unanimous consensus of the member state's based on a rigorous objective and cool-headed analysis of the fact. the security council will demonstrate this approach in dealing with the nuclear issue of iran. it's meaningful efforts that we pushing, including the
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a -- myng of the gcpo country considers the compliance of this agreement as a essential to preserving the nonproliferation regime. it is also reflected in the fact that it is included in the agenda as a separate item. for peru, supporting the nonproliferation regime is a top and we would like to underscore the need for the security council to maintain its unity in dealing with issues related to iran. along these lines we would like to underscore the importance of strengthening multilateralism, cooperation and international law in order to tackle the serious challenges of of the international community. we knowd point is that the situation unfolding in iran on the reflects the need to deal with the deep-rooted causes of the conflict, which are long-standing and regional in a nature. these causes points to the clear link between international peace and security and development of human rights. this implies a full respect for international law and for
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full respect for fundamental freedoms and rights. it also means confidence and de-escalation measures. it implies a credible process of dialogue and negotiations, greater participation of women and young people in respect to national processes, disarmament, investment in sustainable development, non-interference in and alsoonal affairs, obviously, political support and cooperation of the international community. winky very much. >> i think the representative of peru, and i give the floor to the representative of sweden. >> thank you, mr. president. allow me to start by congratulating you to the presidency, and welcoming the new members of the council. i thank the assistant secretary-general also for your briefing. president, we have closely
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followed recent developments in iran, and we condemn the excessive use of violence and the deplorable loss of lives. the security council has an essential preventive function and we should constantly and set -- constantly consider means to follow up on early warnings in the most suitable and constructive manner, no matter what country is affected, or which situation is involved. we do however have a reservation on the format and timing of this meeting. mr. president for sweden and the , european union, human rights have always been a core issue in our relations with iran. sweden supports respect for democracy, human rights and the rule of law everywhere around the world unequivocally. the human right to peaceful assembly and to freedom of expression must be respected. this must either case in iran as in any other country. the grievances aired in the protest should be listened to
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and the issues raised hot to be resolved through dialogue -- ought to be resolved through dialogue and the democratic process. we have noted the president's acknowledgment of the citizens' right to protest peacefully. in this regard, continued and closed dialogue with iran is most important. sweden has been in contact with iranian authorities on recent developments and in the spirit of frankness and respect, we have made clear that we expect all concerned, to refrain from the excessive and inappropriate use of force, and to ensure and respect freedom of expression, including on the internet. mr., human rights violations in iran must be separated from the joint conference of plan of action.
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sweden and the european union are very clear for the full support for the agreement, and it's continued implementation is of crucial importance. it contribution to stability in the region and beyond. it is significantly contribution to the strengthening of the global nonproliferation architecture. i think you. >> i think the representative of sweden for her statement and i give the floor to the representative of the netherlands. >> thank you very much, mr. president. let me congratulate you for assuming your role as resident of the security council. as i would like to say in the kazakh language, thank you mr. president. this is the first time that the kingdom of the netherlands takes the floor as a member of the security council for the year 2018. i would therefore start by thanking my colleague and his
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their team for the excellent work done in 2017 by italy, in the context of the 2017-2018 split term in this council. we would also like to thank the for his general briefing and we welcome the presence of iran in the session today. in my intervention i will address three issues. the current situation in iran, human rights and prevention. my first point, the current situation in iran. as the assistant secretary mentioned,st the protests have spread to a rural areas. these are legitimate and peaceful protest by the iranian people against social and economic conditions that they face in their daily lives. we have witnessed a disturbing
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level of violence and a death toll rising to more than 20, with many more wounded and arrested. thate ag just indicated, situation in iran seems to be calming down. we hope the situation further stabilizes especially when it comes to the use of violence. we therefore call on all sides to refrain from any more violent. furthermore we call on the iranian government to launch a comprehensive accountability process. this process should address all cases of serious human rights violations, including those involving the iranian judiciary and security agencies. and and to impunity for such human rights violations is paramount. end to impunity for such human rights violations is paramount. the right to freedom expression and assembly are fundamental
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rights which apply to all persons in all countries. and iran is no exception. this is also stressed by the eu and its member states in our recent statement on generating second. we appreciate the public -- january 2. we appreciate that the public statements of the iranian president regarding the legitimacy of useful protest in the country. we take note of the increased willingness by the iranian authorities and issues related to human rights. however, we have seen that the islamic public of iran imposed those off-line and online restrictions to the right of freedom of expression, and of peaceful assembly. in the kingdom of netherlands, we urge the islamic republic of iran to end these restrictions on off-line and online. mr. president, my third point on prevention. rights andan
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fundamental freedoms, there can be no human dignity, and without human dignity, there can be no lasting stability or security. from the perspective of conflict prevention, this council has a responsibility to act early and decisively when fundamental freedoms are in effect. every person has a right to individual freedoms such as freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. and every person has electoral writes and a right to a -- an electoral rights and our right to freedom of assembly. every government has the responsibility to honor those obligations. in conclusion, mr. president the , kingdom of the netherlands reiterates and recent developments in iran. we hope today's session can work as a preventive measure to avoid further escalation of violence. we call upon the government of the islamic republic of iran to exercise restraint and dressing to people exercise met human
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-- exercising their human rights, to lift restrictions on fundamental freedoms and to uphold the rule of law, by holding perpetrators of human rights violations accountable. dialogue is crucial in this context, dialogue between iran to address existing grievances and also dialogue between iran broaderborder -- the international community. the kingdom of the netherlands commits to playing a role in such a dialogue. thank you, mr. president. >> i think that representative of the kingdom of netherlands and i give the floor to the representative from poland. >> thank you, mr. president. i congressional you on a seeming the president. poland is ready to support you but we're also very privileged to join the security council with new elected members and ready for very" operation. i would like -- very close
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cooperation. i would like to think that assistant secretary generation secretary-general for a very useful presentation. poland has been following recent developments in iran with great attention. we are deeply concerned with the tragic loss of human life. all sides should unconditionally avoid violence and exercise maximum restraint. we also wish to emphasize that the basic human rights and fundamental freedoms such as the right to peaceful assembly and illustrations, and the freedom of opinion and expression, must be protected and respected in line with the international human rights instrument. including the international covenant on civil and political islamicghts which the republic of iran as a party to.
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iran is a dynamic society with a young vibrant component that wants to be heard. based on our historic experience, poland encourages all sides, and on the iranians can do so, to engage in a peaceful dialogue, as the best way to address the challenges faced by the iranian society. to takeould also like this opportunity to express its concerns with the growing tensions in the region. iran has the potential to play a constructive role and contribute to the region's stability and security. therefore, we invite iranian authorities and other countries in the region to work toward the escalation of tensions and to avoid actions which may contribute to violence, terrorism and polarization. thank you very much, mr. president.
3:02 am
mr. president: i think the representative of poland for her statement. i give the floor so the representative of cote d'ivoire. >> thank you, mr. president. mr. president, this is the first time that we are taking the floor of this council. wish everyoneo here happy new year. i would also like to congratulate you for taking up the presidency of our counsel for the month of january. with yourent, permission i would like to and command the outgoing members of the council, particularly those from the african continent, for
3:03 am
and assistance in helping us prepare for the council. mr. president, my delegation of would like to thank you for having convened this meeting. theould also like to thank assistant secretary-general for political affairs for his briefing on the situation in iran. thislegation takes note of briefing which gives us an overview of the latest developments of the social political situation in iran. --sociol political -political situation in iran. my delegation welcomes that, according to the latest reports, there has been a positive trend
3:04 am
and a progressive return to word, on the ground and we hope this will continue, as it obviously serves the interest of the people. we promote a policy of dialogue in crisis situations, and hence, our country calls on the parties involved, particularly the government and demonstrators to continue down this path of dialogue, in order to reach a peaceful solution of the problems that caused the current situation. took conclude, my delegation hopes that every effort will be made by the iranian authorities, to restore column -- column among -- to restore calm among the people, in order to be able to continue in a spirit of dialogue and cooperation, and also the necessary economic reforms leading to the
3:05 am
development of the country. thank you. >> i think they representative of could do more for his statement and i give the floor to the representative of equatorial guinea. >> mr. president. outset, i would like to wish all of those present a very happy new year. that 2018 will bring us all health, prosperity and success and wisdom in our endeavors. i would like to add a special word of congratulations to for having taken the reins of the presidency of the security council for this month of january.
3:06 am
i would particularly like to congratulate you for the dynamic program of work you have set for the security council. mr. president, the republic of equatorial guinea feel very honored to take its seat for the first time in the council chamber of the security council. we would like to take this opportunity as we take our seats for the first time, to thank most sincerely and warmly, all the member states of the united nations for the trust they have proposed of my country. we would particularly like to express our gratitude to all the members of the security council, both the current membership and those to whom we have just bid japan,l, to which senegal, egypt, ukraine, italy invaluable, further and welcome support that they
3:07 am
have extended to us over the last few months before we took our seat. i would like to convey similar staff in to all the the department of political secretariat.he i would particularly likes to thank those in the security council affairs division for the help they have made readily available to us. the situation in the islamic republic of iran, which is the item before us today, refers to the protests and demonstrations that have been taking place in various cities in that country. the government of the republic of equatorial guinea duly recognizes the right to protest of citizens and also we point out that that is provided in
3:08 am
iran's own political system. that said, we underscore that said protests must be peaceful and people-led and be regulated by the law at all stages. as demonstrations are underway, there must be full of respect for the rights of those who choose not to participate in said protests. the human rights situation in iran is not on the agenda of the security council, given that inh human rights situations principle do not constitute a threat to international peace and security. matters related to human rights must be discussed and dealt with as in point of fact, they have been recently. in the relevant forms as established by the united nation's. in other words, the human rights council and the third committee
3:09 am
of the general assembly. as appropriate. discussions,arch -- in all such discussions there must be a respect of the principle of non-interference the republic of equatorial guinea believes that any dispute arising must be resolved by the request of a peaceful resolution that can be arrived at, through consultation and dialogue. bound at all times by the principles of international law and comments your it with absolute respect -- commensurate with absolute respect. guinea therefore, believes that frank and conclusive dialogue is the only way in which the current situation in iran can be solved. in that understanding, we believe that iranians them
3:10 am
selves, should be capable of and entrusted with finding solutions to their own problems as brothers and sisters, making use of be democratically-elected legitimate institutions, with scrupulous respect for the rule of law. president, we would like to express our gratitude for the briefing that we have heard from the assistant secretary-general for political affairs. briefing, he provided us with updated information about the situation in iran, and the course of the protests in the islamic republic of iran, and we are heartened to hear from the asg that the protests and demonstrations are coming down -- calming down. we express our hope therefore, that the next step will be
3:11 am
intra--iranian dialogue so that they can domestically resolve the situation in their country. -- thank you very much, indeed. >> i thank the representative from equatorial guinea for his statement. >> thank you, mr. president. i wish first of all to say how pleased i am to see you take the responsibility of the presidency of the council. count on your can wisdom. let me also welcome the new members of the council and assure them of our readiness to work with him closely, as we did ,ith the colleagues who left us having completed their terms. we applaud their contribution. theuld like to thank
3:12 am
assistant secretary-general for his very factual report on the issue we are addressing today. we have also taken note of what the secretary-general said in his statement released two days ago. appearappear: -- if you -- ethiopia: i would like to refer to a few points in connectio nwithn with the latest development in iran. we have no reason to contest the argument that reason human rights issues have no relevance here. what we have doubts about, is whether the security council can perform for this. the debate on this matter is something which has not been settled yet. what we find a little troubling
3:13 am
is that this might not enhance the possibility of achieving the unity of the council at a time when such unity is so critical. we are not saying this without meaning it, we attach great importance to the issue. veryubt, we are at a difficult and complex period in world history, when there are so many issues that called for greater cooperation among nations, particularly among members of the council. the middle east is one of those great need there is for taking advantage of whatever opportunities there are for diplomacy to work. all countries have a responsibility to contribute to the realization of this objective.
3:14 am
iran also has a great responsibility in this regard. as do others, as we do also. we do not want to sound self righteous, but we seriously believe that everything should be done to ensure that iran contributes to regional peace and stability. this is very critical for the developing world and africa. we have had great hope that there would be the right global context for the realization of the 2013 agenda. in for the promise made 2015, to eradicate extremism, -- extreme poverty. peace in the korean peninsula would contribute to this, as it does peace in the middle east, which iran should and could contribute.
3:15 am
no doubt, the concerns that people have in this regard, need to be addressed as frankly as possible. noting that in all of this adherence to principles of international law, governing interstate relations is imperative. conclude, lest i sound again, self-righteous, white as a country -- while as a country we attach rate importance to these principles, it has to do with what befell us as a country. the only country which was abandoned by the league of nations when those principles .ith -- were blatantly abused we were at the receiving end. thank you, mr. president. >> i think the representative of a c.o.p. a for for hisf ethiopia
3:16 am
statement and i give the floor to that representative from china. >> mr. president, first of all, china congratulates kazakhstan for a seeming the presidency of the security council for this month. we welcome the new members of we security council, and thank the assistant secretary-general for his briefing. agenda isent, today's the situation in the middle east. i wish to express china's principal position on this agenda. recent developments in certain parts of the middle east are worrying. some countries are going through pot and conflicts, hot issues are complicated and intertwined and influencing one another. terrorist forces are rampant and spreading, which poses serious challenges to international keys
3:17 am
and security. china hopes that the countries in the region will work should improve along with the international community to improve the situation in the middle east and seek a fundamental resolution to achieve international these, stability and development. for a political resolution to the issues in the region. all sides should play constructive roles and persistently promote dialogue and consultation and reach a sustained solution taking into account the interests of all parties. resolutelyshould combat terrorism, persist in uniform standards, employing all kinds of means to eliminate the root causes that breed terrorism. the principles of the u.n. charter and other basic rules international relations, should be respected.
3:18 am
independent sovereignty and territorial integrity of countries in the region should be respected. fourthly, countries in the region should be encouraged to strengthen dialogue, deepen understanding and trust. the palestinian issue is the core of the middle east issue. the international community should adhere to the two state solution and work to restart the israeli-palestinian negotiations and achieve a comprehensive, just solution to the palestinian issue at an earlier date. the international community should persist and a political solution to the syrian issue as a main direction, continue to count on the u.n. as i major as a major channel of mediation and work on a of, just resolution to the issue as early as possible. according to the u.n. charter, the council's her merry
3:19 am
responsibility is to maintain international peace and security -- is to maintain international peace and security. therefore the council should not discuss the internal affairs of any country or discuss the human rights issues of any country. china hopes and trust that with the efforts of the iranian government and people, the country will remain stable and achieve development. the iranian situation does not pose any threat on international peace or security nor is it on , the agenda of the security council. discussing the domestic situation of iran by the council is a practice that is not in line with the council's responsibilities as outlined in the u.n. charter. doing so does not help the domestic situation in iran. thank you, mr. president. >> i think the representative of china for his statement and i
3:20 am
give the floor to the representative of the russian federation. >> thank you, mr. president. i would like to congratulate you -- weing up your post on would have wanted to congratulate you on the ninth of january during our scheduled first meeting, that the american delegation did not leave me any option but to congratulate you today, earlier. this also applies to the many members of the council why i'm happy to see in this room, and with whom i am happy to work. tolso want to say goodbye those who have left or have stepped down from the council. today, how the united states is abusing their platform on the security council.
3:21 am
is the united states, a permanent member of the council, and one of the authors of the u.n. charter, undermining the authority of the security council as the main body responsible for maintaining peace and security? forink it is obvious everyone that the topic chosen today, does not fall within the prerogatives established by the u.n. charter for the security council. the references we heard today to article 34 of the u.n. charter, as applicable to this tuition, are completely inappropriate. it should be obvious to anyone who takes the time to read article 34 of the charter. we have often drawn attention to the fact that it is unacceptable to use bogus pretext to include in the agenda purely internal political issues. why has the united states choose to do this today, when the domestic situation in iran has become normalized? by the way we should thank
3:22 am
, washington for this. to a large extent it is thanks to their dynamic words of encouragement and messages to the iranian people that we witnessed a consolidation of the and they werey, united by anti-american feeling. the feeling is that there is some sort of inexplicable allergy to this country which clouds the thinking about events in this country, and leads to wishful thinking. we obviously regret the loss of lives as a result of demonstrations that were not so peaceful. however, let iran deal with its own problems. especially since this is precisely what is taking place. you are dispersing the energy of the security council, instead of focusing it on a dealing with acute crises and situations in afghanistan, syria, libya, iraq,
3:23 am
yemen, dprk and the african continent. instead of that, you are proposing that we interfere in the internal affairs of the state. we do not want to be involved in destabilizing iran or any other country. instead, let us have a substantive discussion on the middle east peace process. we should have meetings of the security council, after the events in ferguson, missouri, or after the dispersal of the all keep our wall street movement in manhattan. maybe we should propose having a the security council in the wake of demonstrations in western countries. mr. president, we should not look far in history to offer examples of what short that it moves -- shortsighted moves, accompanied with interference in internal affairs, may lead to. attempts to replace undesirable regimes, or impose recipes of
3:24 am
democracy. variousately, due to violations and neglect of the founding principles of the charter, such as independents and sovereign equality of dates, noninterference in internal affairs peaceful resolution of that --es, because of many countries that were stable until recently, have become horrible. the occupation of iraq under openly false pretexts is still being heavily felt by the people of that country. the first manipulation of the -- the gross manipulation of the mandate of the security council which led to chaos and destruction in libya, mythological incitement and fanning the flames of warfare in syria the , flirting with terrorists, the
3:25 am
war in yemen, all of these moves will remind us of the destructiveness of geopolitical engineering and determining the fate of other states and nations. however, people prefer not to mention this, not to remember. when we reminded them, they pretend that it does not concern them. sometimes we are asked, why we are wary of the concept of prevention of violent extremism. while the approach of the to what islegation taking place in iran is a to example to illustrate this absence of marcus runs, -- the substance of our concerns, the source of the problem is declared to be suppression of peaceful protests. the cruelty ac nature of the regime. there is a parallel drawn to the events in syria in a 2011. thus, the need for external interference is justified in the affairs of iran. this is precisely the kind of approach that is involved in the notion, that is being promoted
3:26 am
by the united states, of violent extremism. yet, it is precisely incitement from of side and calls of so-called "changes," which could lead to internal violence whether it is in iran or any other country. mr. president, the real reason for convening today's meeting, is not an attempt to protect human rights or promote the interest of the iranian people, but rather a veiled attempt to use the current moment to jointue to undermine the comprehensivened plan of action. similar assessments of the situation were expressed in her linen and harris just yet -- just yesterday. we considered unacceptable to thentionally undermine
3:27 am
support of the international community for the jcpoa which is the main achievement in nuclear nonproliferation in recent years, and international efforts to ensure international and regional security. especially in a situation where the iaea has continually confirmed by the full compliance of iran on its obligations. instead of that, the united states has continued to announce unilateral restrictions that are in breach of international law. we keep wondering, do you have , diplomaticans means other than sanctions at your disposal? is that of trying to involve the security council in internal affairs and interference in international affairs the , council should actually support useful initiatives and establishing regional dialogue on security issues.
3:28 am
the framework of that dialogue, in it we can find solutions to many issues and concerns. russia has put forward an initiative on competent building -- confidence-building measures in the persian gulf region. the provision of the resolution 598 from 1987, continues to remain un-implemented. this provision in struct the secretary-general to develop in consultation with regional parties, security and confidence-building measures. to payd be useful attention to the ideas of the secretary-general to launch a process of political dialogue to resolve existing differences among key countries in the region. mr. president, we would like to believe that we will not have meetings such as this one under your presidency or under
3:29 am
subsequent presidencies, and that the council will get working on the issues that the u.n. charter has defined for it. thank you very much. president: i thank you, the representative of the russian federation for his statement and i know make a statement in my capacity as a representative of kazakhstan. ber colleagues, i thank assistant secretary general for his complete and factual briefing. the security council deals with issues related to national peace and security, and respects the sovereignty of other states. we regret the loss of life in , but kazakhstan considers the developments in the islamic republic of iran as a domestic
3:30 am
issue, which you do not fall under the mandate of the security council, since they do not threaten the internationals peace and security. we should be very careful and we reiterate the importance of maintaining global stability worldwide and in the middle east in particular, by reducing violence and preventing new tensions. we have too many issues to address already in the middle east. we truly believe that disputes should always be resolved by peaceful means in order to prevent the further escalation of violence, and should not inspire extremist forces. we therefore join others in calling iran to have mutual respect in their society. among all social groups involved. we note that the level of tensions in iran has decreased and the situation is gradually normalizing, we hope it continues. eventually, peaceful resolution will be found based on the mutual tolerance and risk act of
3:31 am
the people in the islamic republic of iran. we should not undermine the sustainability of the joined comprehensive land of action on the uranian program -- irani and -- iran program. the world community must remain committed, which has been successful and is a factor in security. i thank you. now, i resume my function as a president of the council. now, i give the floor to the representative of the islamic republic of iran. , the move by the united states to bring to this counsel protests in iran by some somer citizens protest, exhibition by none other than the united states itself -- some of them are excerpts debated --
3:32 am
exacerbated by none other than the net is rates is health. it is an abuse of its power as a permanent member and an abuse of the consulate health. it is unfortunate -- that counsel council itself. it is unfortunate that despite the resistance on the parts of some of its members, this security council has allowed itself to be abused by the current united aids administration and holding a meeting on the issue that falls outside of the cup of its mandate. putting on display the failure role toecurity council fulfill its responsibility in maintaining international peace and security. it is a discredit for the security council to take up a matter that is of a domestic nature while failing to lift a finger when it comes to issues , such as the long-lasting situation of palestine.
3:33 am
to which this item is dedicated, and the indiscriminate bombing of yemen in the past three years, which has so far resulted in the deaths of thousands of human beings, and has brought hunger, disease and destruction on the yemeni people. failures of such the security council are all at to redouble -- are two biddable -- a two biddable --attributable to. of disruption act taken by the u.s. administration ,s flouting international law and disrespecting the practices
3:34 am
of the last behavior in international politics, this administration is desperately reaching for every straw which keeps it afloat. there is a long history of u.s. bullying at the u.n., but this is a preposterous example, of purely -- the purely international affairs of the nation, in this case, protest that the iranian government has addressed with the utmost respect of the protesters and with every attempt to deal with despite violent infiltrators and direct encouragement by foreign -- foreign forces including the government of the united states. it is not up for debate by the world's most important security order. remiss if i did not mention for those who do not remember the united states
3:35 am
long history of intervention in the internal affairs of iran. it continues a pattern of disruption in the course of democratization process in iran, which can be traced back to the 1953 -- 1963. hostile acts intensified once iranians overthrew their dictator who was beloved is the united states government. the u.s. has backed attempted military coups and acts of sabotage in iran, imposed illegal and in human sanctions against ordinary iranians, unconditionally supported saddam hussein in his eight year instructive war against iranians including bever riding him with chemical weapons -- including by providing him with chemical
3:36 am
, and even directly engaging military confrontation with iran in deference to send them. -- to saddam hussein. i should also refer to the innocent lives lost including 66 290 children on board and iranian air flight, shot down by the u.s. navy in the persian gulf in a 1988. it would be remiss of me not to recall that the u.s. shamelessly decorated the commander who gave the order to fire. mr. president, while president trump may be enamored of the fact that no protesters or demonstrated against his presidency while he was in our neighborhood a few months ago, he may be unaware that they have no right to protest. -- inct is that this
3:37 am
every democratic country, citizens will from time to time take to the streets to protest one thing or another and iran is no exception. in every country, the security , be they the police, national guard or others are present to ensure that protest remain peaceful and iran is again, no exception. accuses while the u.s. iran of suppressing protesters, one can only guess at the hypocrisy -- gasp at the hypocrisy of processors being dragged by american policeman. to go back in time, when it national guardsmen fired and killed peaceful student protesters at kansas state university, or even watching the film of protesters outside the
3:38 am
democratic national convention in chicago in 1968. more recently we can review the the 1992 riots in los angeles over the brutal eating of rodney king by policemen and the killing of innocent african-americans at the hands of law enforcement which continue unabated as we all know. when the california army seventh infantry division and the first marine division were called in to restore order. a total of 63 people were killed during the uprising, with 2000 383 -- 2383 injured and more than 4000 people arrested. i do not recall any member of the un security council calling for debate on this issue. when the u.s. military was involved in suppressing domestic
3:39 am
unrest, there was no debate in 1983 when the fbi raided the branch of the davidian headquarters after 51 days of standoff, killing 83 people including children. who were entirely innocent of any crime. behooved -- it was the u.s. ambassador who perhaps was busy with other priorities at the time of the occurrence to read up on these travesties of justice on american soil before condemning others for far less. but, it is not just the u.s.. and an enviable record of dealing with protesters. in france, the interior minister declared a zero-tolerance policy towards protests emanating from the suburbs of paris and other major french cities. referring to demonstrators,
3:40 am
largely poor immigrants, as scum. and 3000 arrests. more recently, in 2017 when the police rape of a young french citizen of african origin triggered protests. i do not recall the un security council being summoned for a debate on this. and in 2011, the united kingdom, theresa may condemned the violence of the protests in her country. meanwhile, prime minister david cameron told rioters that they would feel the full force of the law
3:41 am
and if they were old enough to commit the crimes, they were old enough to face punishment. in the span of merely a few days, some 3100 arrests were made, and authorities were told that they could ignore existing sentencing guidelines. two young men who promoted riots via facebook were handed four year sentences. i do not recall any country bringing any of these actions to protest across the self-described civil democracies let alone opening debate at the un security council. mr. president, we have hard evidence of the violence in
3:42 am
iran, in some cases resulting in death. we have clear evidence that it was directed from abroad. these violent elements were facing the crowds as early as friday. friday evening last week. at the inception of the protest. at that point, the hands of elements from outside iran, including instigators based in the united states and europe began to be visible. incitement to violence included encouraging and training people to use molotov cocktails, to siege munitions depots and to stage an armed uprising. u.s. citizens took to social media to order the killing of 120 members of our security
3:43 am
forces, contending that those who will be included among the killed will are the families of them in their homes. this same u.s. president publicly stated to u.s. media a complete sense of impunity that they should burn down government and police stations. it was clear enough not just to us but also to third parties. the executive decided to block some of the violent inciting channels. all of this is also well documented in the mainstream media. in one case, a man with
3:44 am
extensive criminal record captured a fire engine, ran it over a car, murdering the driver and his 12-year-old son. in some other cases, they looted shops and banks. altogether, the peaceful, legitimate protest, which one government particularly confirms our a constitutional right and has been respected since the islamic revolution. president trump and some other u.s. politicians have joined isis and its patrons in our region to openly insight and -- to openly incite and encourage violence. it is the ultimate irony that the country whose head of state has thrown his lot in with those visiting violence and destruction on iran as its u.n. ambassador, who has a history of belligerent comments
3:45 am
on my country. who then brings it as an issue for debate to the un security council. if anything, it is iran that should be demanding a debate and investigation into how and why foreign elements, with impunity, are allowed to encourage and support unrest and violence in another sovereign and founding member of the united nations. for example, let us debate why the united states has failed to stop the incitement of violence and murder of innocent civilians from its territory. or why some european countries continue to provide safe haven to terrorists who are inciting violence and are rioting as we speak. why social media sites that promote and teach the use of
3:46 am
molotov cocktails and [indiscernible] despite clear evidence. these are the real issues that need to be addressed. distinguished members, to make this force into something more than a mere waste of time, let us discuss something else that this council has not, but should deal with. the free flow of information has brought forms of information in the spread of fake news. -- and the spread of fake news. these threats are common to all free and sovereign nations. we are not alone in finding it.
3:47 am
recently, the french president, also lauded efforts to increase transparency about websites including their foreign findings, further impairment of government agencies [indiscernible]. and also suggested social media channels used as propaganda by introducing laws to disclose the source of founding, particularly for sponsored content. these measures are not needed to simply fight back against fake news,
3:48 am
rioters, and electoral rioters, and electoral interference, but more ominously in the fight against terrorists, including isis. -- rioters, and electoral interference, but more ominously in the fight against terrorists, including isis. this fight, distinguished members and colleagues, is not zero-sum. either we are together -- either we win together or we lose together. thank you, mr. president. >> thank you to the representative from the republic of iran for his statement. there are no more names inscribed on the list of speakers. the meeting is adjourned. [gavel pound] [inaudible conversations]
3:49 am
>> today, i discussion on how cities around the world can counter violent extremism. advisor takesment part in the discussion. live coverage beginning at 12:00 p.m. on c-span. >> tonight on the communicators, we are on location in new jersey for the first of a two-part interview series. the premier comedic haitians research facility in the world, providing work in lasers and information. discusses what is new in communications technology and research. >> we present you with the kind of data, but not necessarily
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knowledge -- look to connect everything, your environment, you, infrastructure, buildings, bridges, cities, so we can see everything going on and automate that. energy will be automatically managed for you. requires networks. the network global come -- the network will become valued again, and devices will be everywhere. that is a big change coming. increasehy we see this in productivity. >> watch the communicators tonight on 8:00 eastern on c-span two. c-span 2018ine for video documentary competition is right around the corner, january 18. jewse asking students to
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